Friday, September 18, 2009

Venturing the Chip River

While on assingment for Central Michigan Life Newspaper ( ) I was able to follow along with a BIO 110 class here at Central Michigan University.  The morning started at 8am with a 20 minute trek off campus to the Chippewa River. Once the students arrived they collected data about the river including things like water depths, insects living in the river, and the oxygen levels in the water.  Overall, i got a little wet (actually a lot wet. I had to wade into the water waste deep with blue jeans on) but the trip was fun and very worth it.

Garden City sophomore Laura Stark puts an insect into a cup held by Okemos freshman Sarah Morley as Sterling Heights freshman Jenna Patrico looks on. The girls were out with their Biology 110 class collecting samples from the Chippewa River Thursday morning. (Chris Bacarella/Staff Photographer Central Michigan Life Newspaper. All photos belong to myself and Central Michigan Life Newspaper   )

Other students with the BIO 110 class had up some specimans to study when they head back to class.

Photo's Copy Write Chris Bacarella and Central Michigan Life Newspaper (

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