Monday, October 19, 2009

Pappa's Pumpkin Patch

So these might not be the most traditional pumpkin patch photos...but they are some of my favorites from the trip! I dont play around with editing too much usually with any of my photos so with these i decided to have a little fun and spice them up a bit!

The first photo is what i enjoy the most, Cider and donuts!

This second photo is a mini house used or children to play in....i found it a bit i snapped a pic!



  1. Wow - I'm truly impressed. I especially like the middle shot (of the eerie house). Were you into photography when you were at MHS? You definitely have an 'eye' for it . . . cool to see one of our former students doing well . . . not sure if you remember me ;).
    Mrs. Herhuth

  2. Heyyy! Of course i remember you! You were one of the best/coolest teachers i had even going all throughout high school! haha

    Thank you for the comments! I was not really into photography while still in Marysville, I mean i liked photos, but never really took them...haha.

    I really got into photography second semester of my freshman year at CMU. I bought a DSLR and started shooting for Central Michigan Life Newspaper. Its been all downhill ever since...haha