Friday, November 6, 2009

Suzanna. First people portraits.

It's been my goal as of late to find someone willing to go out about the town to different locations, with different outfits, and shoot different kind of photos. I just wanted to take some posed portraits.

Well, my time came when a girl named Suzanna was willing to take on the task of different places, with different outfits, and different poses.

These photos were taken in Mount Pleasant, MICH all around the city. For the style of the photos i was going for a little more 'model' with some of them and for others just a good ol' fun Fall kind of feel.

There are many more that can be found at the link following the photos. I am also still editing other photos so more will be posted as time continues. Here are a few that i enjoyed.

Train 2



Link to more photos from the set:

Suzanna on Flickr

Please critique as well! It was my first time and i know there are lots of things i look back on now and feel i could have help out a first timer! I have lots to learn!


>Chris Bacarella

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