Monday, July 20, 2009

Chicago in the summer!

Chicago in the summer! A sentence that brought a smile to my face as i typed it! A long weekend filled with great people, great food, great scenery, and an all around great time! 75 and partly cloudy weather made walking around the Windy City a breeze! Having a travel buddy always makes trips more enjoyable as well! So for this trip, I was joined by my girlfriend Haley who will shortly be moving to this wonderful city while she attends Columbia College. Overall it will be a trip to remember to say the least. After spending this past weekend in such a wonderful city, I can easily say there is no better place to be than Chicago in the summer!

Well you caught me.....for a couple hours the 'partly cloudy' weather turned to 'all cloudy' weather. It sure did make for a nice sky though!

Yes, i know this picture resembles the one above but there was just something about such beautiful colorful flowers in such a huge city that caught my eye.

Photos are a bit cutoff on the right sides btw...just click to see the full picture.

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