Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Break Cycling Trip '11

The dream of a 'not-so-college' spring break began about one month ago when I texted my friend Sandon, "Hey, do you want to go on a bike spring break trip?" to which he responded with, "Yeah, sounds good.". From that point on, the trip was a go. It started with finding people in places where we wanted to ride so we could crash on their couch to keep down trip costs. After about a week, we had a few people ready to ride and a trip all mapped out. The destinations: Washington DC, Boone North Carolina (Appalachian State Univ.), Savannah Georgia, Orlando Florida, Cocoa Beach Florida, back to Boone, then back to Michigan all in 8 days (roughly 3,500 miles or so).

The trip started with ice covered Michigan roads and a 12 hour ride south east to Washington DC. We arrived at night in DC where we met up with our friend Sara who attends George Washington University, this was also the place we would be crashing the next two days.  Sara took us on a cool tour of the city where we stopped for food and also got to see Marine One (Obama's helicopter) fly over us. Kinda neat to think the POTUS was only 20 feet above us! The next day was dedicated to riding. We rode the entire city of DC. Checked out all the monuments, the museums, the different areas of the city like Georgetown, exc. It was definitely the best part of the trip! Sara and DC treated us amazing! Thanks again Sara for letting us crash and treating us so well! We stayed about 1 1/2 days then took off to Boone to pick up the rest of our cycling gang.

Here are a couple pics from DC and our trip to Boone:

Me at the Capitol Building:

Heading to Boone, NC:

We got into Boone pretty late, meet up with our other friends Tyler, Andrew, and Mike and went out to a local place to eat some grub. Andrew and Mikes dad was nice enough to pay for our meal, so big thanks to him, that was awesome! We headed back to Andrew's house, crashed, and woke up early and headed back on the road slowly making our way to Savannah GA to stretch our legs a bit.

Andrew's driveway in Boone, NC:

Andrew, Sandon, and Tyler chill'n at a rest stop on the way to Savannah, GA:

After maybe 6 hours of driving we made it to Savannah, GA where we rode around the downtown area for a few hours. We stopped at a bike shop, a cool dinner, and even all admired a girl riding a fixed gear. We always though females and fixed gears where mythes or something you only withnessed in magazines. Savannah proved us all wrong.

Our bikes in Savannah, GA:

On the road we went. Destination, Orlando Florida.

Sandon Driving:

We made it into Orlando late (just like every other city) and decided to ride anyways. After unloading all of our stuff into Gary's apartment (Thanks again Gary, you were more than awesome putting up with all of us for the few days! Also, check out Gary's video stuff, Pale Blue Pictures, they are sick!) We went all around Orlando and ended up in Downtown. Was a really awesome place to ride! Actually did about 30 miles the first night we got there and maybe 50 or so the next day.

Downtown Orlando:

$1 slices of pizza we ate!

After riding Orlando for a day and a half we headed an hour east to the coast of Florida. After all, we were not going to drive all the way to Florida and not see the ocean!


The whole crew:

Well, that marks about the end of our cycling journey. After the beach, we checked out the pier, then headed back to Orlando to crash at Gary's one more night. Woke up early and headed back to Boone, NC to drop off Andrew, Tyler, and Mike.

After spending the night at Andrew's again, Sandon and I headed back to Michigan. After some tunnels, a few states, lots of gas, and some mountains we ended in Michigan.

Overall, the trip was amazing and well worth any money I spent. They guys I rode with became real close friends and the people at each place we stopped at treated us like family. I'd like to thank a few things we couldn't have done without: PB&J, Orange Juice, Power Bars, Water, and Pandora.

Thanks again everyone we met along the way who treated us amazing. Without you all, the trip wouldn't have happened.

I'll miss waking up and riding with all you guys day in and day out!


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