Monday, September 26, 2011

JRN 420: In-class location lighting

Today in class we had 2 hours for three of us to go out and shoot and outdoor location light set and an indoor location light set. That gave us about 30 minutes a piece to set up and do some shooting.

I thought the red chair / wood wall looked great together so I choose that as my shooting spot.

Here is my favorite photo from the shoot.

Things I like:

-Victorias expression (she frick'n kicks butt as a model. Super fun to shoot and rocks when it comes to expressions.)
- The colors. (Red works good with wood wall. Slate looks great. Yellow shirt, red headphone. IDK, just dig the colors)
- The light on Victorias upper body. ( I dig how it falls on her arms / face. )

Things I dislike (should have paid attention to)

-THE HUGE HOT SPOT ON THE WALLLLL! Grrrrrrr. Wish the wall wasn't that shiny. Even with the hotspot, I just enjoy this photo.
- I dont like the lighting on her feet.

Here are three other variants to this photo. One wide, two other tighter crops.

Again, hotspot on the wall sucks but I love her vibe in this photo.

Overall, for a quick 30 minute shoot i'm not too disappointed. I'd like to revisit this spot and spend some time here. Bring some umbrellas, soften up the light. Also work on getting rid of the hotspot on the wall.

If you think Victoria rocks as a model, check out her photography as well. HER BLOG HERE.

.Chris Bacarella

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  1. Cute. The light on the side of her face looks like a cop's flashlight. Would be ever sweeter with the line behind her head gone. Still cool though.