Sunday, October 16, 2011

JRN 420: Fashion Assignment

I was very excited to shoot this assingment for class. My goal was to keep it simple with basic locations and basic lighting. I didn't want to get over my head with a theme and other things like that.

What I like: I like the expressions / feelings of the photos. The outfit is simple, comfortable, and so is the setting. 

What I do not like: I feel like these are slightly 'senior portrait' and not too much fashion. The first photo I wasn't paying attentino and cropped his hand / hair awkward.

My two shots for the assignment.


  1. I think the photos themselves are well lit and have a nice light:shadow ratio, but I can agree that they have a feeling of senior portrait. I think it would have helper if he were in a more interesting outfit, there isn't much to visually take it to have it stand out.

  2. Your photos reminds me of a Ralph Lauren or Gap ad! Your lighting was nice and I like the black and white touch as well.Nice!

  3. These photos are perfect for fashion ads. I love how they are relaxed and how you framed each photo. The lighting draws you in. Excellent job Chris!

  4. Magazine shoot? Nice lighting! Digging the tones and textures, the overall feel for the shoot. Subtle post processing helps too, nice job!